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        We believe in an elegant, modern, smart and functional approach to design with our customer experience in mind. The Sophia bag was crafted with respect for high quality, minimalist design but unlike most luxury handbags, with a sharp focus on the interior functionality and organization. 

        WE LISTEN
        We listened to women about the challenges of finding things in their handbags and we asked ourselves the following questions:

        Why are almost all handbags so disorganized inside?
        Why do women have to rummage around to find things?
        Why isn’t there a designated place to put your keys, sunglasses, and phone?
        Why don’t luxury designer brands take responsibility for what’s going on inside the handbag?

        We’ve rethought every detail to empower you with the best experience that enhances the versatility and unique aesthetic of our style. We started out with a simple goal; to build a luxury designer bag designed for every woman’s essential items. We offer a new definition of modern, functional luxury handbags.

        Scalzini Sophia Luxury Handbag

        We wanted the highest quality leather, hardware and materials that would last for years. We looked for artisans that had a passion for their craft and cared about quality and all of the details. Is it possible to offer this level of luxury handbag design, with high quality and functionality for under $1,000 while working with a respectable company that pays fair wages to happy employees that are committed to their craft? 

        A bright, fun custom colored interior was more than intentional. Color can lift your spirit and enhance your experience. When you open your bag it should make you feel good while allowing you to easily see and find your things because it is not dark and dismal.  

        After two years of research, design and development we are pleased to offer our first handbag, The Sophia Designer Handbag. We think of it as defining a new and long overdue "organization category" for luxury leather handbags. We have all of the organizational pieces included for your essentials in our medium-sized luxury handbag.

        We believe in creating only beautiful designs with intentional details that reflect elegance in simplicity. We believe you can be both edgy and sophisticated, feminine and functional at the same time. We believe in quality over quantity, and mindfully investing in pieces that offer the ability for you to customize your handbag to your own personal style and will last for years to come!  We are listening to what women want by offering a new definition of functional, modern, attainable luxury handbags.

        At Scalzini Accessories, we believe every product should be thoughtfully designed, inside and out.