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        I have been asked a lot about the logomark design for the Scalzini Brand so I wanted to include the development story as its' own page. I went to school for Graphic Design and one of the most difficult things to design is a logomark for yourself. I have always loved typography so when I began working on this logomark in 2019, I focused on the letter “S”.  I wanted a classic, timeless logomark so I experimented with fonts that can withstand the test of time. One of my design heroes is Massimo Vignelli. The name Vignelli might not ring a bell to most people but if you ever rode the NYC subway and were able to find your way around using the subway map and signage, then you are familiar with his brilliant work. I chose Vignelli for a college typography assignment and learned that  his six preferred typefaces are Garamond, Bodoni, Century Expanded, Futura, Helvetica and Times Roman. He believed these typefaces were classic and time has proven him right. Out of those six, I studied the "S" in Times New Roman. I loved the curves and the way the serifs transitioned from curves to a squared off corner. From there I hand tooled the bottom serif to give it weight and a stronger base. I love symmetry so I inverted the "S". I thought that looked like two swans so I decided to invert it vertically. The shape and structure felt right, but my eye kept going to the diamond counter space created so I removed that. Then I saw two sideways tear drops and those were removed. I now saw the logomark as two hearts which felt appropriate because of the love behind every aspect of this work. From there I finessed the mark, adding more weight all around to balance it out. I discovered this logomark worked really well as a pattern so I explored different color treatments and had some sample fabrics printed. You will find this pattern inside our handbags making up the patented pocket system as it is the signature element. 

        The finishing touch was adding the circle border to contain it and the name Scalzini.